Train Your Voice

Five Tips To Train Your Voice

March 31, 2016 By: forecastlefluke - No Comments

Singing is a talent that you are blessed with. However, in order to nurture that talent, you need to train your voice and practice frequently.  Here are a few tips to train your voice before a big event or audition.


Warm up your voice

When you sing your vocal cords vibrate hundreds of times every second. So just like how you would warm up your muscles before running or exercising, you should warm up your voice as well to prevent strains. Warming up your voice is extremely easy and takes hardly any time. Start with some basic breathing exercises and follow it up by singing different scales. This will help you get used to the notes you will be singing. A few minutes of warming up with go a long way in preventing injuries.


Master breathing exercise

The ability to control your breathing is a skill that every singer needs to manage. Only when you do that, can you hold your notes longer and sound better. In order to do this, you need to master breathing exercises and follow them regularly.  Start by breathing using your lower lungs, taking in as much air as possible. Breath air in through your nostrils, hold it in and let it out through your mouth. Keep the rest of the body relaxed. Repeat this a few times and practice regularly and you will see how it aids your singing.


Drink plenty of water

When your throat is dry, your voice gets very croaky. This is the reason why, you are also asked to drink water when you wake up as your throat will be dry. When you sing, it is essential for your voice to be smooth and it requires some lubrication. Keeping your voice hydrated does the trick. Drink plenty of water and make sure your voice is lubricated. You can also drink lemon juice mixed with honey to keep your throat hydrated. Many singers follow this practice.


Practice frequently

Practicing is highly essential to not only sounding better but also preventing strains. Perfecting your voice and the song will make you a better singer. Hence it is important to maintain a disciplined practice schedule with intervals of rest and recovery to sing well. It is also important to practice in various scales and chords. Singing too long continuously also can cause your voice to crack. So the best method would be to practice frequently in quick sessions.


Stay within your limits

Most times singers try to imitate other singers to make a particular song sound just like the original. This is not a good idea. Every singer has their own style and should stay within their skills and scales. If not, it could lead to vocal injuries. Remember that if you are imitating someone who is already famous, they are already well known. It is important to train in your own voice to be unique.


Before a big singing event, stay away from very cold things, beverages, aerated water sand chocolates. Chocolates, Toffees and other paste like things form a layer on your tonsils, exposing it to infections. Gargle with warm water and do not shout or yell. These simple steps will ensure your voice is smooth and ready to perform.