Drum Like A Boss

Drum Like A Boss

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Learning to play drums can be an exciting and rewarding passion. However, there are a few things that you should do before you dive into the musical tide. In fact, you’ll be glad that you’ve taken a few steps to prepare for what’s to come, well in advance.


Here are four steps to take that will keep your drumming skills strong for years to come:


Find A Qualified Mentor
This is the preliminary and one of the most important objectives you should meet, before you start drumming. The key is to find a mentor who is passionate about drumming and knows how to cater the lessons to your individual needs and goals. It is to be noted that even if you’ve found the best drummer in the world, he/she might not be the greatest teacher.To begin your search, think about your goals, playing level, and schedule. Browse for options that are available in your area and be sure to check out the reviews posted by current and previous students who’ve trained there.


The Academy of Western Music (AWM) is the country’s first-of-its kind school of music at Chennai. The state of the art facility is located at Santhome, spanning 7500 square feet and spread over 3 floors with ample open space. Students are prepared for exams in music graded by the reputed Trinity College (London) & Rock School (UK).Qualified and skilled faculty provide a fun-filled learning experience which is further nourished by expert feedback from resource persons and other influential audiences as they participate in master classes, workshops, competitions and diverse activities.


Gather Your Equipment
Before beginning your lessons, you will also want to make sure you have all the equipment in place. Chat with your mentor/school to see what they recommend or would like you to bring for your lessons. It’s totally fine if you wishto start off with just a set of sticks and a practice pad, if you’re concerned about the money spent on investing for a drum kit. This way, you will still pick up concepts and develop the right drumming form, right from the start although you will need to buy a full drum kit at some point in time.


Drum sticks come in different sizes as well as shapes, with the tip of the stick being made with a variety of materials. You can pick yours from flagship stores like Sterling Music. At 3200 square feet, it is one of India’s largest music stores that house the world’s finest musical instruments.


Hold Your Drum Sticks Right
This is one of the basic rules of starting to strike the right note. There are a couple different styles, depending on which genre of music you want to play. This also includes your personal preference. Check out this tutorial on how to hold drum sticks for an introduction to the different styles of holding your drum sticks. At your first drum lesson, your instructor will essentially review and monitor how to hold the sticks, to make sure you’ve got it right.


Listen & Track Different Rhythms
In the beginning, every drum rhythm might just sound like a strike of drum sticks against a snare or a bass membrane. When you listen a little closer, you’ll be able to hear the different rhythms. Unlike other instruments, the pitch of each drum cannot be altered much, and definitely not in between each note. The only way to make music from each drum stroke is to vary the rhythm of it. Rhythms can be quite random at times, while other times there will be a pattern to it.


Don’t be afraid in asking your instructor to slow down so you can feel each different pattern, while he/she is educating you on the same. Sooner or later you’ll be able to read music on your own and hear the patterns in your head without anyone else showing you. With time, you will also be able to experiment and create patterns that will bring out the drummer in you into a spotlight.


Now that you’ve taken care of the basics, time to reveal the golden rule – Keep Practicing! With consistent practice, your rhythms will improve, your technique will get more precise, and you’ll be the boss of the bass in no time.


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